Talens Art Creation Acrylic Colour Set 6...


Short description
• A very high level of light fastness
• The binding agent consists of 100% acrylic resin
• Alkali resistant, suitable for wall paintings
• Ability to create NEW striking effects

Ease of Use
• The paint can be thinned easily with water
• Short drying time: within half an hour
• The paint is practically odourless

This acrylic colour set of 12 x 75 ml tubes offers a great basic palette of colours to create various paintings with. These bigger tubes of common colours are great to have in your collection! Talens Art Creation also offers these tubes in a set of 6, several sets of smaller tubes and a starter set with everything you need to begin your acrylic painting journey.

Contents: 12 x 75 ml tubes (105 Titanium White – 275 Primary Yellow – 276 Azo Orange – 396 Naphthol Red Medium – 318 Carmine – 568 Permanent Blue Violet – 504 Ultramarine – 564 Brilliant Blue – 619 Permanent Green Deep – 227 Yellow Ochre – 411 Burnt Sienna – 701 Ivory Black).


For artists and creatives looking for good quality and value, the Amsterdam Acrylic Paint is a versatile and superb medium body acrylic paint. The paints are created with a variety of bright colors that have been carefully chosen. This paint’s high quality ensures a very high level of light fastness and a quick drying time. When wet, this acrylic resin paint practically has no smell.

It also fits perfectly with a variety of painting methods. These paints’ thick, creamy viscosity makes them ideal for creating effects that resemble oil. The paints are simple to clean with just soap and water. Suitable for both beginners and experts.

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